Project Brief
Project Timeline
Dec - Jan 2021
Project Type
UI/UX Design

Helping blockchain investors optimize returns.

Decentralized Finance is one of the most revolutionary concepts that blockchain technology has to offer. It has the potential to transform the global economy in a way that opens up various opportunities to common users and grants them access to various financial functions that are often otherwise confined to a few privileged sections of the community. This project was part of my UI/UX Specialization.

Challenge + Solution
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Rei Pishtari
Prev. Product Design Lead, Lemonade
Founter & CEO,

3B Insurance Brokers


3B is a team of Insurance Brokers in Pristina, Kosovo. I built their website with the goal of making it accessible to users to see the rates of insurance and get feedback easily. I designed the product to be as minimalistic and calm as possible while conveying a feeling of trust. In order to put focus into the content and allow people to decide what type of insurance they need.