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Hey again,

— I’m Rei.


A UI/UX Designer & Webflow developer living in New York City. I'm interested in the possibilities of how people and software can work together to make life better. I love all things design, whether the task at hand is pixel-aligning icons, building websites, or doing UX Research.

Currently, I'm freelancing as a designer and developer while looking for a full-time position in New York, or remotely.

Most recently, I worked at Veriscouts - a San Francisco based startup, where I designed experiences, interfaces, and a design system, to help thousands of people connect with each other. I started off on the web design side, honing in on my visual design skills, and learning the ins and outs of design. Then I moved into the world of product and experience design.

As a designer, my interests lie in the intersection between education, business, technology, and design. Outside of design, I love to ride my bike throughout the city and read lots of business and psychology books, while I visit coffee shops and local parks.

Freelance Designer & Developer
Hermes Pharma Group
’22 - ‘22
GrowthLab Solutions
’22 - ‘22
UI/UX Designer
’21 - ‘22
UI/UX Design Intern
’21 - ‘21
UI/UX Designer
’21 - ‘21
08 Feb `23

I’m currently looking for a full-time position as a UX Designer in New York, but I’m still available for freelance work in the meantime :) Hope to meet you soon !!


I work remotely from my home and the occasional coffee shop in New York.


Whether it’s a chat about anything design related or a potential project or opportunity you may have in mind. Feel free to send me a note at: hello@reipishtari.com